Name: Andy Maryatt

Position: Head Swim Coach

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BIO: I grew up in the bay area where I was an accomplished age group, high school, and collegiate swimmer and currently swim/coach on the Rocklin Aquatics Masters Swim team. I have 30 years’ experience in competitive swimming and coaching. I have been very fortunate to have been able to learn from several nationally and internationally respected coaches. I am very excited to become part of the very successful swim program at Oakmont.

Name: Mike Chavez


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BIO: My name is Mike Chavez and I am excited for this new chapter in my life, but especially a new chapter in your swimmers’ life. Honestly my goal is NOT to create the fastest team in the universe, my goal it to make this spring where your swimmer makes this sport a lifetime sport. Too many times in sports, we are motivated by the external reward such as medals or trophies and we forget why we do this for ourselves. My job is to find each and every one of these young athlete’s internal motivation and make them believe in themselves, that no matter how fast or slow you are in the water, I will always believe in you, so you should too!!!!

My background comes with a great and rich tradition of the Grizzlies in Granite Bay. I was there for three years and I had “backstage passess” to everything it takes to create a culture of excellence and team spirit/competition that IS the best in the section. However I wanted to leave the “nest” and create a culture of my own, here at Oakmont with the expertise of this coaching staff. I also have a background working with recreational swimming, so Swimming 101 is something I pride myself in teaching and athletes conquering!

I leave you with this, I promise you that I will give you my all. I will dedicate MY time to make YOUR swimmer have the best experience My hope is that you show up when you can to make your time valuable like everyone else. You have many parent volunteers that make this high school season work, so the least I can do is my part. My part entails: I will always: 1) Believe in you and 2) Say I am proud of you. Lets get started!!!

Name: Trisha Sepulvado


BIO: Hi, my name is Trisha Sepulvado. As an athlete, I grew up swimming in Sacramento, and continued my career at Chico State. Currently, I train and compete, with Coach Maryatt, at Rocklin Aquatics Masters. As a coach, I've had the opportunity to work at the recreational, age group, and high school levels. I look forward to the upcoming season

Name: Madison Scott

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 I am so excited to be a Viking! Growing up sports have always played an important part in my life from playing soccer, to competing in gymnastics, to swimming and playing water polo. I started swimming when I was 8 and haven’t stopped! I swam both recreationally and competitively throughout high school where I excelled at breaststroke, butterfly and backstroke. It wasn’t until after a soccer tournament that I decided to give water polo a try and I fell in love after 1 practice. I went to play all 4 years of high school at St. Mary’s in Stockton, CA and continued at Santa Rosa Junior College where I double enrolled academically at Sonoma State in Rohnert Park,CA. I continued and finished my education at Sacramento State where I earned my Bachelor’s of Science in Kinesiology in May 2018! My goal is to use both my experience of being a former student athlete and lengthy background in Kinesiology to grow this team to the best it can be from this year to years to come! I am so incredibly excited and thankful for this opportunity so Let’s Go Vikings!