Name: Mark Plank

Position: Men's Varsity Water Polo Head Coach

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Name: Derrick Brace

Position: Women's Water Polo Head Coach

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Here is Derek's Bio:  I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago where I discovered my love for water polo at 8 years old.  I am an accomplished athlete, leading my high school team to a top-3 ranking in Illinois and earned a top 8 finish at the CWPA National Championships for Division I water polo at the University of Illinois at Chicago.  I also earned many accolades as a masters athlete while traveling for tournaments across the country.  I have many years of coaching experience with Lyons Township High School, the Olympic Development Program, and Roseville High School.
My focus is on providing a safe environment for athletes to grow into well-rounded people.  My strength as a coach is teaching techniques, fundamentals, and game knowledge.  I strongly believe in teaching holistic fitness as a path to a healthy lifestyle.  I have an infectious passion for water polo, and I am excited to share that passion at Oakmont High School.